Zodiacs Shouldn't Make Their Ex Return This Year 

You, Pisces, have a soul as vast as the sea, and you ride the waves of life with a vitality all your own.  

The Universe emptied the garbage cans for a reason; you shouldn't waste time rummaging through them to retrieve them. 

Twin stars  Gemini, your magnetic energy is a combination of being the life of the party, having a quick wit, and being an extrovert.  

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It can be like putting your flittering wings on ice when you reignite an old flame. 

Instead of dwelling on the past, your true strength lies in embracing change, making new friends, and discovering new interests.  

Let the aspirations that ignite your spirit come to fruition in the year ahead.  

That past relationship isn't serving your future self's purpose; she is leading you to a life of harmony. 

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