Zodiacs Need To Focus On Next Life Chapter January 13 

If you're on the list, you're unhappy with your life but may not be changing it.  

Taurus  As you indulge in your comfort zone, your intentions to anticipate the next chapter of your life tend to fade. 

Even if you secretly know that a change would be great for your life, you're not the kind of person who usually welcomes it.  

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Capricorn  Your likelihood of really taking action to realize your perfect future is lower than average, even though you may be skilled at envisioning it. 

You will never go on to the next phase of your life if you continue along this path.  

Sign of Aquarius  You are the type of person that consistently stays late at work, regardless of whether anyone has asked you to or not. 

It's just that when you're engrossed in what you're doing, time stands still. 

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