Zodiac Sign Hairstyles You'll Love

Aquarius holds the water container and spills it. Water in their hands makes them appear as a water symbol, yet they're air. Studious and continuously trying new things, this sign demands a unique hairstyle.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are leaders in many ways. Astrologer Emma Toynbee said Well + Good, "They represent all that is newly born, are movers and shakers, lead-role actors, agents of change, individual and unique, pioneers, inventors, innovators, strong competitors, and fierce warriors.

"A Cancer needs to feel at home, no matter what their living situation may be," astrologer Rachel Lang told Well + Good of the traditional homebody. "They need to strike a balance between nurturing themselves and caring for others," noted.

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Zodiac goat Capricorn is the workhorse. They like to go forward and stay busy. Humanist astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo told "They can be so focused on doing the right thing and powering through that they're not always learning how to sit [with their emotions], be more receptive, and cultivate intimacy and connection that doesn't have a purpose or motility to it.

Gemini is misunderstood as two-faced when judged too lightly. This sign is energetic and occasionally takes on too much. "They may change their mind, but they're clear communicators," astrologer Colin Bedell told Well + Good. They're funny and don't take themselves seriously.

One of three brave and ambitious fire signs, Leo is ruled by the sun. They like attention and looking beautiful. “Leos are ruled by the Sun, making them consciously confident, and will light up the room when they arrive,” transformative astrologer Corina Crysler told Well + Good Leos have a hairdo that honors their planetary ruler, even if they don't have red or blonde hair. We're talking beach waves.

Libras adore socializing because they are air signs. "Libra is the socialite," astrologer Valerie Mesa told Women's Health. "They're the glitter glue that keeps everyone together," Mesa said. Think of this sign as the disco ball hanging above the dance floor, inviting everyone to dance the night away and lighting up those who dare to dance.

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