You Can't Mess Up These Casserole Recipes

An appealing take on a classic, our Sloppy Joe Casserole brings home-cooked flavor.

This comforting dish with crispy tater tots is perfect for casseroles that make you want to stay in. Perfect for idle afternoons when you want a tasty, easy-to-make dinner to bring delight to your table without leaving home.

Gluten-free venison Shepherd's Pie for two is comforting. This substantial, filling, and easy-to-make casserole with classic ingredients is perfect for homey casseroles.

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For a pleasant night at home, try our Chicken Pot Pie Casserole. This chicken pot pie casserole is full of flavor and makes two or more servings, making it a great casserole for staying in.

Experience home comfort with our Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake, a simple and tasty pasta and chicken dish. Tender chicken in a creamy sauce with pasta makes a comforting casserole.

Our simple Individual Lasagna lets you enjoy lasagna in tiny batches. This recipe is ideal for casseroles that keep you happy at home because it makes a full meal without leftovers.

Our cheese-loaded Cheesy Mashed Potato Casserole will make your meal an event. This delicious casserole is perfect for individuals who want a cozy, cheesy side dish without leaving home.

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