Worst Belly Fat Foods

Sugary breakfast cereal is tasty, but it may increase abdominal fat. High-sugar cereals can create belly fat because extra sugar increases the risk of stomach fat.

Partial hydrogenated oils, a major source of trans fat in the American diet, were banned from processed foods by the FDA in 2018. Some foods have these oils until 2021, so we're in limbo. A common offender? Microwave popcorn.

Though tasty and convenient, packaged pastries like danishes, muffins, and donuts can contain trans fats and added sugars. One study indicated that trans-fat-rich bread rolls increased body fat and weight circumference in overweight postmenopausal women. 

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Fast food chains' fried foods might increase belly fat if eaten regularly.Corn oils have more trans fats than other vegetable oils, and most fast-food establishments fried French fries with corn oil in 2010.

They can raise waistline inches and colorectal cancer risk. A diet high in fruit and dairy and low in processed meats and other processed foods has been shown to reduce belly fat. 

White and refined breads lack fiber and minerals, but processed grains have other drawbacks. In a 2,800-person research, refined grains like white bread were linked to greater visceral fat.

This shouldn't surprise. Stay away from the candy bowl to lose tummy fat! Sugary sweets like fruity or chocolatey candies are easy to overeat due to their high carb content.

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