Winter Slow-Cooker Dinners You'll Always Make

Sweet and spicy flavors blend well in this substantial sweet potato and black bean chili. Replace chili powder with chipotle and ancho powder or reduced-sodium taco or fajita seasoning for a unique taste.

This soup is ideal for spinach and artichoke lovers. Vegetables and shredded chicken soak up the liquid and add protein to the creamy base. Frozen artichoke hearts have less salt than canned, but canned can be utilized. Before putting them in the slow cooker, rinse them well.

This creamy slow-cooker leek soup pairs leeks' mild onion flavor with fresh and dried herbs and potatoes for texture and substance. Boursin, a soft, spreadable cheese like whipped cream cheese, comes in many varieties. 

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The store-bought biscuits in this crock pot chicken and dumplings recipe make moist and soft dumplings when stirred into the creamy mushroom, chicken, and veggie sauce. Preparation is faster with 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup. We use a beurre manié, a flour and butter paste, to thicken the chicken stew.

Weight-loss vegetable soup fills you up without many calories and makes eating more vegetables easy.

Capricorns prefer work to people. Goldberg says, "Otherwise, they don't socialize much unless it's to connect with people that will help them advance in their careers." They like having one or two close friends and possibly a significant other.

Scorpio is cryptic and aloof, especially with strangers. "They are intensely emotional and secretive, and some do not like people," explains Garbis, making them the most antisocial zodiac sign.

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