Who's the worst and best Zodiac sign?

You often appear remote, sulky, and out of place. You say something harsh and humiliating without warning, making yourself look like the victim.

Yes, you like to converse, but avoid deep conversations. You can't be trusted to listen since you despise real conversations. Especially since you're preoccupied, volatile, superficial, and sometimes hypocritical.

Many Aquariuses are psychopathic, according to research. You are insensitive, unlovable, and unreliable. Your unusuality and lack of empathy make you more disruptive than delightful.

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Taurus people always have their little obsessions, be it with their careers, their cars, their computer equipment, or their finances. And as you are a frankly stubborn zodiac sign, nothing and nobody can divert you from your obsession of the moment. Basically, beware of the horns!

You're mean. Your anger may not always be measured, but you think it should be. For you, sincerity is insulting, painful, and traumatic. Your behavior often borders harassment!

You're loyal and generous, yet debates make you mad. Did I say debate? I mostly meant when people try to clarify their position, which you usually disagree with.

We thought you were the cute zodiac beast, but you're annoying. You only whine. You're sensitive enough to make someone suffer for life if they forget to say "I love you"! Everyone loves you, but you need to be told again and again!

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