When dogs get Brucella Canis

Brucellosis, caused by bacteria, affects sheep, cattle, goats, deer, pigs, and elk, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. Dogs suffer most from this condition. It was found in 1966 during a US Beagle miscarriage study. 

Raw or unpasteurized dairy products generally spread brucellosis from animals to humans. Sometimes brucellosis bacteria spread through airborne particles or direct contact with diseased animals.

Brucellosis or brucella canis can cause miscarriages in dogs. It can also cause testicular infections, back discomfort, eye inflammation, infertility, diminished libido, swollen lymph nodes, fever, and weakness.

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This is frequently a breeding issue. Infected mother dogs can transfer the disease through their milk. While not always fatal, the condition can't be cured, therefore euthanizing infected animals is the only method to end it. The most affected breed is Beagles. 

Infected animals disseminate brucella canis or brucellosis through their secretions. 

The germs seldom infect people. It usually happens after touching an infected dog's secretions. Infection can occur when assisting dogs give puppies. The contaminated mother's fluids can enter through the mouth, eyes, or untreated wound.

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