Keep Cats Out of Plants: 5 Expert Tips

First tip: Avoid harmful plants at home. Though obvious, this is the best guaranteed plan. Dr. Kornreich says cats can't be exposed without plants at home.

Tip #2: Lock dangerous plants somewhere secure.   If you have a hazardous plant at home, keep your cat out. “Preventing access prevents exposure,” adds Dr. Kornreich. “Best plan is to deny access.”

Tip #3: Non-toxic spray repels cats. A natural, non-toxic spray on houseplants can keep cats away from dangerous plants. 

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 Dr. Kornreich adds some owners have had luck keeping cats away from plants by lightly spraying them with stuff cats don't like but aren't dangerous in small doses, including highly diluted (in water) citrus. “Placing lemon or orange peels in plant soil may repel cats.”

Tips #4: Play daily Play with your cat daily to keep them entertained and encouraged to explore. “Take 5 to 10 minutes each day to play with your cat,” advises Dr. Kornreich. “This prevents boredom, which can make cats eat plants.” 

Tip #5: Get rid of toys and furnishings dullness Along with playing with you, give your cat toys and furnishings to play with. 

 “If possible, provide cat-approved toys, perches, kitty condos, food puzzles, and a catio,” says Dr. Kornreich. “This gives bored cats a safe alternative to play with.”

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