The Most Antisocial Zodiac Sign, Per Astrologers

Small conversation and meeting new people can be exhausting. However, some people find any socialization terrifying. They prefer staying home with a good movie and takeout than dining with friends.

Tauruses are friendly, yet they dread making new friends. At a party, they'll be alone or with a group.Professional astrologer Leah Goldberg says Taurus is the most independent.

Aries, the zodiac's leaders, can be too much for some.Astrologer and Psychic Stina owner Stina Garbis says they are on edge, can become agitated by the simplest thing, and snap back to get their way.

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Virgos, the zodiac's perfectionists, struggle with others' flaws. "People make mistakes, carry germs, and make a mess, which are all things that Virgos have to criticize and fix," Goldberg says.

Cancers are noted for being introverted. "If a Cancer has to choose between hanging out with friends or 'hibernating' at home, they will always choose the latter," Thomas adds.

Capricorns prefer work to people. Goldberg says, "Otherwise, they don't socialize much unless it's to connect with people that will help them advance in their careers." They like having one or two close friends and possibly a significant other.

Scorpio is cryptic and aloof, especially with strangers. "They are intensely emotional and secretive, and some do not like people," explains Garbis, making them the most antisocial zodiac sign.

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