Top Loyal Dog Breeds

Though intimidating and threatening, Dobermans are lovely dogs. This dog is devoted and loving.

Its thick coat and big build make this dog striking. Those unfamiliar with this gentle giant find their size scary. 

This traditional dog breed is faithful. Friendly and nice, it's ideal with kids. It won't back down when someone approaches and danger is imminent.

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Golden Retrievers, the world's most popular dog breed, are playful and outdoorsy. He enjoys playing and having fun, but also exploring the world. 

One of the sweetest dogs ever. It makes an excellent lap dog because it's indolent and just wants to cuddle. However, this tiny kid is devoted.

Big and magnificent, the Great Dane will scare anyone away. Newcomers are intimidated by these huge dogs. Big dogs are kind.

There are few dogs as cute and faithful as beagles. Small and petite, but sweet.

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