The 3 Most Impulsive Zodiac Signs

Some people agonize over every decision for days, while others act on impulse. The latter may be due to your zodiac sign.

With the stubborn ram as its symbol, Aries should top this list. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are energetic and fiery, thus they won't stop until they finish anything.

The fire sign is also quite confident, which may contribute to their impulsivity because they rarely have to worry about something going wrong or a plan falling apart.

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Sagittarius adore adventure and never hesitate to take risks. Due to their mutability, thrill-seeking archers are always curious about life and new experiences.

Your Sag friend is scheduling a last-minute weekend getaway while you're deciding if it's possible.

Meet an Aquarius, and you know they're unconventional, spontaneous, and unexpected. Combining these traits creates a highly impulsive person. Not everything in their lives reflects this. 

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