Dog breeds for each zodiac

If you're an Aries or know one, you know how stubborn they are! Aries are confident, passionate, and leaders, therefore they need a dog that can follow them. The German Shepherd is a fantastic fit. German Shepherds, the world's leaders, are protective, love challenges, and have lots of energy—enough to match an Aries owner's boldness.

The Doberman Pinscher is another great Aries dog due to its energy and strength. This observant breed is bold and risk-taking like Aries. Doberman Pinschers are passionate, eager to make friends, and have excellent leadership qualities, so if you want a dog that can keep up with you in every aspect, choose one.

Taurus people are loyal, reliable, and down-to-earth, thus the Boxer is a great pet. Patient, protective, and loyal, these dogs will repay your devotion. Being affectionate and good with all ages and stages, Taureans will appreciate how similar the Boxer's disposition is to theirs.

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Tauruses are calm and confident, therefore the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who suffers with being alone may not seem like a good pick, but it will help you find equilibrium. Your laid-back vibe will assist your pet relax, and their love of snuggles will make sure you relax each day.

Taureans are homebodies, thus the Basset Hound is perfect for daily company. This breed is a lazy log who won't mind spending all day at home. Like Tauruses, they are loyal to their families and seek comfort and security.

The active, curious, and energetic Gemini deserves a dog like the Bearded Collie. This breed is active enough to keep up with a busy owner and personable enough to make friends wherever it goes, just like all you Geminis! Since they bore quickly, they're ideal for this star sign that loves new people and experiences.

Bichon Frise are inquisitive and want to learn, making them ideal for Geminis. This energetic breed believes there are no strangers in the world, only millions of pals they haven't met yet, which will appeal to Geminis' gregarious nature. Outgoing but snuggly, they share Gemini's brilliant intellect and loving, pleasant personality that win hearts everywhere.

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