Three easy summer dinner ideas to simplify cooking 

Summer lasagna by Hetty Lui McKinnon requires little cooking. Serving 6–8 means less cooking the rest of the week.  

Heidi Sze makes kid-friendly fish tacos with baked fish, a fast cabbage slaw, and an avocado and yoghurt salsa. 

This is the greatest time to create a vegetarian dish. Vegans should try. Were you raised on apricot chicken? 

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This Julia Busuttil Nishimura simple baked meal uses fresh plums for a sweet-savoury mix.  

The six-person dinner bakes on one pan for minimal work and great satisfaction. 

Reestablishing a routine after the holidays is difficult. 

Kid-friendly fish tacos or a comforting apricot-chicken tray bake can assist.  

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