The Zodiac Signs Will Enter Their Siren Phase On January 15 

Beautiful creatures with seductive sounds who tempt men to their deaths are known as sirens in Greek and Roman mythology. 

Attention is what Leo Sirens crave. It is their passion. As is typical of classic Leos, you enjoy being the center of attention.  

However, on January 15, you'll begin your siren age, and that will change all of that.  

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A scorpion  You must possess an enigmatic charm that entices others if you wish to join your siren age.  

You possess an inherent air of mystery and intrigue that no other zodiac sign does. 

Zodiac Sign Beautiful and hauntingly beautiful, sirens are often shown basking on rocks, tempting sailors to them.  

Honestly, all it takes to enter your siren era is a beach, a fruity cocktail, and a bikini.  

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