Astrologers' Most and Least Emotional Zodiac Signs

Astrologer and Psychic Stina owner Stina Garbis says Virgos organize and plan the zodiac: "They deal with the troubles of life in a very matter-of-fact way, and know how to file away emotions."

Loftis believes Aquarius is the symbol of detachedness, yet they're not emotionally unavailable. "They simply have the ability to detach, step back, and analyze the information proffered by their emotional reaction," adds.

Taurus is too focused on success to bother about love.

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Another clue they're too focused on their ambitions to worry about their feelings. "Capricorn is a very logical and strategic sign; they care more about the facts and solutions than the emotional parts of life," Francis adds. 

Sagittarians are passionate but can't control their emotions. "In a snap, they can go from elated to irritated," says Trusted Astrology astrologer Maria Hayes.

Berry says, "They have the keen ability to improvise their emotions and be a totally different person or two-faced, hence their symbol of the twins." Geminis never exhibit their true sentiments.

Scorpio isn't more emotional than other water signs since they "keep their feelings close to their chest," explains Francis. "It takes a lot for them to trust others enough to be vulnerable with them emotionally," says.

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