The Most Popular American Foods

What else comes to mind when you think about American food besides burgers? Burgers are the staple American meal, appreciated nationwide. 

Pizza is a national institution, whether it's New York-style or deep-dish Chicago.

From Texas brisket to Carolina pulled pork, American barbecue is a global favorite. This slow-cooked, smoked pork tradition exhibits America's distinct flavors and cooking methods.

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Any more gratifying than biting into fried chicken's crunchy surface and taste its moist interior? Fried chicken is a national favorite.

Kids and adults love mac 'n cheese, a creamy, cheesy delicacy. Hearty comfort meals will warm your soul. 

Hot dogs are an American symbol, beloved as baseball game snacks and summer BBQ food.

Affenpinschers, formerly working dogs, became popular with wealthy 18th-century women seeking companion dogs.

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