The Most Adaptable Astrological Signs 

Hearts that are easily shaped love sincerely, but often at the expense of the one's own well-being. 

Water signs  Regardless of the magnitude of the situation, Pisces is a very empathic zodiac sign. 

Although Pisces' empathy and understanding are admirable qualities, they can also be exploited by those who would take advantage of their generosity. 

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Zweit, Libra Meditative Even if it means sacrificing their own inner calm, Libra always seeks unity. 

A Libra's natural tendency is to give in to the desires and expectations of those around them since they want to see everyone else happy.  

Virgo  In Virgo, the nurturing spirit lives on. The love language of this unwavering earth sign is undoubtedly acts of service.  

Although Virgo's dependability and loyalty are admirable qualities, their perfectionist impulses can be a hindrance at times.  

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