The January 11 New Moon Refreshes Zodiacs 

On January 11, a new moon will be seen. According to astrology and tarot, the new moon usually marks a time of renewal.  

Taurus  Even while you're usually content with your life as it is (since you're so good at making your home life wonderful), that doesn't mean it can't be better. 

The emergence of the new moon is a good time to reflect on the stagnant areas of your life. 

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Cancer  Much too often, you cling to things that you shouldn't. Being an emotionally sensitive and sympathetic Cancer isn't easy. 

You have a hard time looking forward because your perspective is so fixed on the past.  

Species of Scorpio  Even if you put on a brave face and pretend everything is OK, when unpleasant things happen to you, you tend to cling on to your negative emotions. 

Underneath the surface of your sadness lies simmering anger if an ex-partner misled you or if you were wrongly fired from your work. 

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