The dishes that each state is famous for 

Chimis, a state trademark today, are flour tortillas filled with beans, cheese, veggies, and meat and then deep-fried till golden crisp. 

While you might not find chocolate gravy anywhere else in the United States, it is a staple in the Ozark Mountains.  

During the Civil War, the idea of topping buttery, hot biscuits with chocolate sauce first gained popularity. 

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For a taste of the specialty, head to the historic Ozark Cafe in Jasper, Arkansas. 

Everything from avocados and almonds to Cobb salad and even California sushi rolls is a California speciality, and the state's food scene is very competitive.  

However, sourdough bread deserves the spotlight because it was popularized during the Gold Rush by bakers who used a unique starter. 

The oldest bakery in San Francisco, Boudin, is said to have the best sourdough bread.  

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