High-protein desserts nutritionists avoid:

Dietitians tell TODAY.com they don't consume "lighter" or "healthier" pre-made desserts like high-protein ice creams.

"I’ve tried several (artificially sweetened high-protein ice creams) and they just don’t hit the same way full-fat, sugar-sweetened ice cream does — at least not in my book," adds Largeman-Roth. "I’d rather enjoy real ice cream less often than have one of the alternatives daily." 

Linsenmeyer thinks you can like protein-rich ice cream. "But I would caution against thinking of it as a green light that I can eat as much of this as I want."

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According to Derocha, people's health aspirations may determine their dessert choices.

 Even with a protein increase, someone with high cholesterol or diabetes may not want to consume full-fat, sweet ice cream every day.

"While there’s definitely a place for protein-packed desserts, I don’t think folks should forget that these are still desserts," Largeman-Roth concurs. Though more satisfying than other sweets, they contain sugar and may not satisfy your cravings.

Fiber-rich legumes include kidney beans, black beans, chickpeas, and lentils. Fiber helps heart and intestinal health, but eating too much in one sitting can create gas and bloating, especially if your body isn't acclimated to it. 

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