Teaching a Puppy to Cage-Train 

When the crate is linked to pleasurable experiences rather than punishment, crate training becomes far more effective. 

The goal of crate training a puppy should be to ease them into house freedom as they get older. 

An integral aspect of housebreaking a puppy is crate training, sometimes known as kennel training. 

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Puppies can learn self-control and discipline in a controlled environment, which is great for both the dog and its owner.  

If you follow these training methods, your new puppy will eventually come to love his or her kennel. 

Associating positive reinforcement with the crate training process will help pet parents achieve greater success with their pup.  

You can train your puppy to enter its crate on command by associating it with positive reinforcement during playtime, like as chew toys and food. 

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