Starseed Empath Zodiacs Will Change the World 

Paradoxically, "starseeds" are believed to be highly advanced spirits from other solar systems or planets who incarnate on Earth to fulfill a higher purpose. 

Sign of Aquarius  The feeling that you're an extraterrestrial being still figuring out what it means to be human does not go away, Aquarius.  

You probably have extensive extraterrestrial experience from previous lifetimes that you may use to create a better future for Earth.  

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Zodiac Sign Sagittarius, you have always been a cosmic vixen, and in your previous lifetimes, you have explored the universe extensively. 

There was joy, harmony, and communal contentment on the planets you're "originally" from. 

Cancer  You have crossed paths in previous lifetimes with creatures from higher dimensions who were just like you: compassionate, understanding, and guided by the powerful energy of their hearts.  

Cancer, and it brings back memories of a tranquil planet in another galaxy, where you once belonged. 

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