Smartest Dog Breed

Most herders can learn a new command in under five repetitions and follow it at least 95% of the time, making them Stanley Coren's top intelligence dogs.

Cockapoos, whoodles, and goldendoodles are available, but breeders choose standard poodles for more than their hypoallergenic features.

German Shepherds are police, seeing-eye, medical, and therapy dogs, therefore they're naturally obedient.

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one of America's most adored family pets scored straight A's on this intelligence survey. Goldens, who were initially bred for hunting, also like being silly

German tax collector Louis Dobermann desired a medium-sized security dog and companion. Translation: These courageous protectors can handle kids.

These cute fluff balls compete in herding, agility, and obedience events despite being smaller than collies. Thus, Shelties bark, chase, and herd, but their tenderness and passion for cuddling will make up for it.

Guide dogs, narcotic detection dogs, and family pets, labs love to please. They've been America's most popular breed for 27 years.

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