Smartest Dog Breeds to Own

Border collies are on the top of many experts' lists of intelligent dog breeds because they learn and absorb commands quickly.

While there are several breeds, many consider the standard poodle one of the smartest canines. Most canines have the intelligence of a 2-year-old, say experts. 

It's probable that the German shepherd is the smartest dog breed next. This breed is widely used as a seeing-eye, police, and medical service dog for a reason.

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Every clever dog list includes the loyal golden retriever. Their larger brain-to-body ratio than other breeds gives this quick-learning breed part of its smarts. 

Doberman pinschers are smart, capable, and loyal. It was bred in 1870 by a tax collector. This breed has shaped history in numerous ways.

Labrador retrievers have been smart since the 19th century. Newfoundland fishermen desired game-catching dogs. So they bred Newfoundland and St. John's water dogs.

Naturally, Rottweilers have learned certain tricks since the Roman Empire.

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