The Happiest Zodiac Sign, Per Astrologers

Taurus loves to indulge, but earth signs require little to be happy. They're happy as long as they have stability and security, which they appreciate most.

Pisces are emotional sponges, absorbing others' energy. Because of this, they seek happy friends.Astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet considers Pisces "a melting pot of emotion, who when surrounded by positive people, absorb their joy and energy."

Libras want harmony and balance. He adds they "avoid confrontations and situations that will put them off kilter and create a drama-free and stable environment."

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Geminis always choose happiness. Bennet says they're "full of enthusiasm and excitement."

A positive person, Leos love life's brighter moments. "They wear their hearts on their sleeves and want to spread their own joy to those around them," Bennet says.

Sagittarians are optimistic and adventurous, which keeps them cheerful and open to new experiences.

"Optimism fuels happiness, and Sagittarians have this in buckets full," he adds. "They look for a silver lining in every cloud and always see their glass as being half full."

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