Side Dishes for Easter Dinner

Easter cuisine traditionally includes scalloped potatoes. It pairs well with spring vegetables and hearty main courses.

These buttery carrots are beautiful and go with most Easter dinners. We combine dried parsley, basil, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, and thyme to give the soft, oven-roasted carrot the right herbaceous flavor.

These mashed potatoes are a classic Easter side! Adding shredded Gruyere cheese provides nutty, creamy, earthy flavor. If you can't find it, try Swiss, Emmental, Comte, or Fontina.

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While peas are a spring staple, they may not be ready for Easter dinner. This recipe uses frozen peas, although fresh peas can be used if available.

This creamy, vegetable-rich risotto pairs well with ham or roast lamb and asparagus, another spring vegetable.

If you skip the prosciutto and use veggie stock instead of chicken stock, it can be a vegetarian main dish.

Good side salads are terrific Easter side dishes, and this one won't disappoint.

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