Relationship Sensitivity by Zodiac Sign  

The secrets of passionate love and the zodiac signs that represent it are revealed today as we explore the world of emotive zodiac signs. 

Cancer  As we embark on our journey through the emotional zodiac, we find ourselves in Cancer, the moon-ruled loving water sign.  

Because of their innate capacity to read people's emotions, Cancers are often called the zodiac's celestial caretakers. 

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When a Cancer puts their heart and soul into a relationship, they provide their loved ones a safe haven where they can flourish emotionally.  

If you're looking for someone who can listen with empathy and provide physical support, a Cancerian spouse could be the one for you. 

As we go into the zodiac signs that govern love and relationships, we come across Libra, the air sign governed by Venus.  

They strive for aesthetic appeal, cooperation, and justice as expressions of their sentimental nature. 

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