Recipes for Meat and Potato Obsessors

Slow-cooker short ribs are a simple alternative to braised short ribs because they don't require much attention. 

As a busy mom, I enjoy slow-cooker dinners! I loved beef tips as a kid. I serve slow-cooker beef tips with mushrooms and red wine over brown rice, noodles, or mashed potatoes.

Clark and I save this dish for Sundays when the youngsters have gone home and we're too weary to cook. Comforting and fast

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I make this food for my husband and me when our kids visit Grandma. My mother-in-law has used this recipe for almost 30 years.

It may be the most renowned St. Patrick's Day dinner, but this Irish-American corned beef recipe is a constant favorite at our table. Corned beef and cabbage recipe.

I added sliced red potatoes to my favorite Asian-style pepper steak recipe. This hearty dinner feeds the whole family, especially big-eating men.

I was denied the recipe for a neighborhood restaurant's cheeseburger soup. I modified a potato soup recipe to create my own. My all-American cuisine turned out great.

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