Ranking the smartest dog breeds in the world

As expected, Border Collies are the smartest dog breeds. Friendship, endurance, and loyalty characterize these tireless herding dogs.

Poodles are smarter than others. They learn new commands faster and obey known ones better than most breeds.

The third smartest dog in the pack, German Shepherds are smart and obedient. They learn orders fast and effortlessly, frequently with fewer repetitions than other breeds.

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Golden Retrievers are noted for their gentleness and eagerness to please. Gundogs, they were bred to retrieve poultry from water or forests.

Top 5th in obedience and working intellect, the Doberman Pinscher is smart. These canines are excellent security dogs, bred by Louis Dobermann, a tax collector who needed protection on his rounds.

Herding breed Shetlands are agile, alert, and smart. Medical alert dogs and therapy animals are common uses.

Labrador Retrievers are smart and popular. Webbed toes help them swim, and their double-layered covering adds buoyancy.

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