Portland Gets Indonesian Market Meals from Pasar 

Whole crabs and fish are shown in tubs filled with water by some vendors, while fresh vegetables is piled high by others. 

Vendors start heating soup broths in pots or arranging colorful kuih on display. 

Kuih are bite-sized sweets prepared with tapioca or glutinous rice flour for extra chewiness or springiness. 

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The current owner of Burnside's Indonesian eatery Wajan, Feny*, used to accompany her mother to Pasar Muara Karang on morning grocery runs and breakfast dates. 

"The broth is a cultural mash-up; it's got tempeh and tofu from Indonesia." 

Feny explains that loctong is the product of a union between the cuisines of Javanese and Chinese immigrants.  

One of Feny's favorite weeknight meals, she is Chinese Indonesian.  

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