Pasta Dinners for a Night In

This delicious penne beef pasta is comfort food perfection! Tasteful, simple, and a smart way to sneak spinach for extra nutrition—this is the greatest

After my father's triple bypass, I made this dinner. He loves comfort food, so I wanted him to experience mac & cheese without the fat and butter. It's a clever technique to secretly feed kids vegetables. 

This comfort food mashup is amazing. This cheeseburger-filled jumbo stuffed pasta shell meal will become a family favorite.

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I adore baking and cooking, especially Italian meals like handmade ravioli. My perfect day involves cooking my family's favorite foods and watching them eat.

Every time I prepare this cheesy baked spaghetti, people ask for the recipe. It reinvents pasta and goes with every meal.

I love mushroom carbonara with cream and cheese. I serve it with buns and salad for a complete supper.

This Italian dish is easy to make but tastes like it took hours. Very yummy and easy to make. The family always enjoys it.

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