Numerous Zodiac Signs Who Are Also Master Alchemists 

If so, you may be an enchanting alchemist or witch.  

A scorpion  This one should be obvious. You, Scorpio, are a master alchemist; you can turn any situation into gold.  

You have no need for other people to validate or approve of you, and yet your presence alone can inspire change in those around you.  

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You hold yourself in high esteem and refuse to show any sign of deference to anyone. 

Zodiac Sign  As far as anyone can tell, Sagittarius is just a happy, carefree sign with nothing serious or frightening simmering behind their surface-level demeanor. 

Your actual strength, though, Sagittarius, may bring down any opponent. 

Your capacity to create something beautiful (or at least a little scary) from nothing is astounding—and terrifying—to those who know you well.  

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