Need an Unusual Pet? Here are  odd dog breeds.

It's impossible to tell if these guys are dogs because they're hairless. They need a hair transplant due to their rough head and paw fur. Their large ears and face make them intriguing.

 Russian Borzoi have slim faces but huge bodies, making them look odd. They seem like strange horses with long tails trying to be pets.

We use floor mops—have you seen them? Visualize a Puli with eyes and a tongue. Their twelve-inch coat grows in dreadlocks, making them look like wigs you thrifted from a corner shop downtown. These newborns sound painful to groom.

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Rottiehuahuas are adorable and will make you desire a dozen despite their odd name. The amount of fur they shed is incredible—you can construct a rug from it. Good luck.

These puppies are excellent snuggling size and easy to manage. They are unusual but cute since they are a blend of the world's largest and tiniest breeds.

Komondor should be your first choice for a housecleaning pet. Long dreadlocks that reach the floor and their massive girth make them one of the hardest breeds to manage. They will squash you like a bug if they pounce on you excitedly.

Napolitan Mastiffs are unlike any other dogs, therefore if you have one in your home, no intruder will enter. Their almost-floor-length drooping skin folds distinguish them. Their wrinkles make washing and grooming difficult, so expect to spend a lot of time at the groomer.

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