Most Popular Dog Breeds of the Year

Bloodhounds can follow scents over miles of terrain, which can make them difficult to walk, so you need to be as fit as your pup to keep up 

They’re laid back and love kids and other animals. If you have a big family, this dog truly feels like it’s “the more the merrier.”

Dalmatians are best known for their eye-catching spotted coats and their history of serving as fire dogs. 

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They're natural born athletes, with a muscular build that was selectively bred for guarding horses and coaches. 

Australian cattle dogs are strong, agile, and quick as a whip. They're known for outsmarting their owners, even those well-versed in dog training.  

Bichons are wonderful companions for kids and other animals. Their small frame makes them perfect for small apartments and city dwelling 

They're highly intelligent, and while they do have a stubborn, mischievous streak, they're eager to please their owners as well. 

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