Most popular cat breeds for cat lovers

Your first thought when thinking about cats may not be a Ragdoll. But this cat gets its moniker since the original breed goes limp when taken up. Nowadays, this kind of cat rarely does this, but they are still even-tempered and polite. Larger cat breeds like these long-haired cats don't malt much despite their fluff.

Maine Coons are big, shaggy, and friendly like Ragdolls. However, this cat is more interested than others and regularly curls up on guests' laps. Maine Coons get along with other cats and dogs in the house.

Hairless breeds are affectionate despite their lack of fur. The Sphynx's baldness may deter some potential owners, yet this striking cat is one of the most lovable. A Sphynx spends their days pawing at its owners for attention. A Sphynx follows you everywhere.

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Who doesn't like Persian cats? These fluffy cats are known for their antics. These balls of fluff will go from calmly lounging around to running around the room to burn off this unexpected burst of energy.

Bengal cats have a negative reputation for being dangerous due to their huge size and conspicuous prowl. Bengals, like other household cats, can be driven to hunt. Do not interpret this as aggressiveness. In actuality, these mini-leopards love their humans, cats, and dogs.

With their wide-eyed stare and pointed ears, Devon Rex can be seen from a mile away. A Devon Rex's pouncing, playing, and climbing match their playful and mischievous nature. What's their top hobby? Being loved and cared for by humans. 

Siamese cats are loving. Its narrow face and ability to demand attention at all hours may identify this breed. Because of this, this cat is best for multi-person households so you can share the affection. Siamese cats are hypoallergenic and trainable, which is great. However, their vocality may not suit every environment, especially if you want silence.

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