Four different dog walks to spice up exercise

Dog walks are job one and two. Without yards, pet parents must leash their pets for potty walks, which are vital for more than just excretion. If done correctly, walks assist our dogs maintain leash manners and socialize them to new sights, noises, and people. 

Our dogs love the outdoors for the same reasons we do—to relax, play, and learn about the community. Walking together provides your dog your full attention, which is sometimes forgotten.

You may offer your dog a unique and enriching walk without packing up the RV and going to the country. The following ideas are simple and entertaining to adopt into your daily life!

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It's common to walk our dogs to get them from A to B fast, yet doing so hinders them from scenting the world. Encourage your dog to pause and smell the roses (or read the ‘pee mail’) to completely connect with their environment. If we give dogs time to smell, they learn a lot.

Who leads dog walks? 9 times out of 10 it's the human end of the leash, but this enjoyable walk lets your dog design the course for adventure, so your usual “here to there then home” walk may become a meandering trip down the less trafficked path. A “choose your own adventure” walk lets dogs follow their senses.

What's more fun than driving? Consider doing it with a pet and their owner! By inviting a well-matched dog and their guardian for a buddy walk, you can make an everyday walk special.

Famous for their strong instincts and problem-solving ability, Australian Cattle Dogs are among the smartest dog breeds.

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