All  Horoscope Signs' Worst Dog Breeds

They may be brutal, but they feel authenticity is more important to a relationship than letting problems fester. Thus, passive aggression is their biggest pet peeve. 

Jack Russells are impatient, which bothers Taurus. Like the Earth, Taurus land masses migrate at their own pace. Rushing is pointless.

The Geminis are incredibly adaptable. They like many activities and retain an open schedule for spontaneity. 

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Cancer represents love and empathy. Indifference bothers them, and they love giving.

Etiquette and respect are Leo values. They become angry when someone don't say hi or are impolite.

A mess is what Virgos despise. Virgos are irritated by dishes on the counter, papers on a desk, and dirty shoes kicked about the entrance.

Libras dislike whiners. These extroverts love to have fun, so if you don't fit their vibe, they'll avoid you. Though hopeful, they don't like moaning.

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