Midwest Delightful Dishes You Ought To Be Cooking 

You can't have a Wisconsin diet without brats! Any time we eat them, we try to find a new way to prepare them. 

I originally tried my hand at making this sweets because of my dad. From his childhood, he recalled it. 

His comment that my rendition tasted even better was the highest form of compliment.  

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I get to bake cookies because my spouse works long hours during the holidays as a package service truck. 

For our typical on-the-go breakfast, we come to our 1,250-acre farm. 

Because of this, I usually have a supply of these fluffy doughnuts on hand. People can't eat just one, therefore they go fast!  

This is my take on a traditional German slaw served at church potlucks, but with a Minnesota twist.  

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