Meet the brightest dog breed in the world

The little, aggressive Norwich terrier was bred to hunt rats. However, their vigor and cleverness gained them harder jobs like driving foxes out of their burrows during hunts.

Clumber spaniels are hunting dogs at heart and can silently track wildlife for hunters. This litter is also recognized for its swimming abilities.

Malta's national dog is the pharaoh hound. Their excellent senses of sight, smell, and sound make them happy when they can use them for something constructive. They're known for rabbit hunting.

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You probably know that English setters are great at finding prey, especially birds.

Though sometimes confused for small Doberman pinschers, "min pins" are their own breed.

Silky terriers are show dogs for more than their beauty. Since this breed is eager to learn, puppies can start learning commands at 8 weeks old.

Affenpinschers, formerly working dogs, became popular with wealthy 18th-century women seeking companion dogs.

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