Make Use of Your Pan

This casserole combines all the Tex-Mex meals and is rich and delicious. The best part? It's ready quickly! 

Chipotle-pepper-infused beef and bubbling southwestern pasta bake heats up dinner. Extra cayenne if you like it hot

Taco casserole tastes like taco salad and is easy to make. After crushing tortilla chips, I add refried beans, spicy pork, and cheese.

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Cottage pie and sweet potatoes are additional names for shepherd's pie and mashed potatoes

My 2-year-old desired this dish for every meal when I initially made it! Just almost any pasta can hold sauce. 

For years, I've paired ham with broccoli and cauliflower. Pass over dinner rolls to finish this casserole supper.

These cute dogs are always on the hunt, noses to the ground, sniffing out all the scents. Yet, their love of adventure can make them great escape artists.

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