Hot Appetizers for Party Starters

Ravioli on a stick is a popular appetizer. They're easy to create and enjoy. Make or buy dipping sauces. My blog, thehopelesshousewife, has recipes.

The spinach, cheddar, water chestnuts, and bacon in this cream-cheesy dip go well in any round loaf. Scoop the dip with extra bread and veggies, then consume the bowl.

Start your summer parties with this delicious outdoor snack. We duplicate or treble ingredients for parties.

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My Swedish buddy sent me this recipe. Since bouillon cubes and evaporated milk didn't exist in the 19th century, this is a 20th-century version of a favorite.

I must make this recipe for parties. Fast, easy, and my kids adore it.

Potato salad was essential for feeding a party, and this 1964 Holiday Magazine Hellmann's Mayonnaise ad revealed a chic new way to serve it.  

This bright meal is my go-to party dish. Friends love the hearty starter with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and olives. 

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