From coast to coast, these are the cutest dog breeds in the US. 

These dogs, which are related to the English foxhound, were originally developed in mediaeval England as hare-chasers. 

Although they were initially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885,  

their popularity in the United States is still limited, despite the fact that they are good with children, other dogs, and family. 

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Though it has its roots in ancient West Africa, the Azawakh did not receive official recognition from the AKC until 2019. 

Lean and muscular dogs with short coats of fawn hue are becoming more popular as pets in the United States; their name is Az-a-walk. 

Their reputation for athleticism and hunting may be at least partially to blame for 

their relative rarity in contemporary households, given the amount of care and exercise these dogs demand. 

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