Four dietitian-approved volume eating tips for weight loss

Dieting is difficult, but there are easy ways to bulk up your meals and feel filled longer.

Some nutritionists promote volume eating with low-calorie items. Adding foods to a calorie deficit may seem contradictory, yet it can help you lose weight.

Fill your mashed potato or rice with low-calorie cauliflower to add volume. This won't add many calories, but it will keep you full. 

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Frozen vegetables are convenient and nutritious. Low in calories, high in fiber, and easy to cook.

Spaghetti squash has fewer calories than wheat-based noodles, so you can eat more and feel full without exceeding your "calorie allowance". 

Raw vegetables are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals and bring color and intrigue without calories. Flavorful, they can spice up a monotonous meal.

Fiber increases fullness by filling the stomach and intestines. Soluble fiber forms a gel in the colon when mixed with water, speeding digestion and absorption. “This reduces appetite and cravings and prolongs fullness,” she says.

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