Films That No Dog Fan Should Watch 

The saddest part about any dog is that we'll have to say farewell to them eventually. 

Do your best to stay away from these movies if you are the owner of puppies or older pets. 

Although they have a pleasant beginning, they ultimately prove to be utter disappointments. 

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Seeing the amiable dog fight off delirium is a new type of sad, especially when you think about what happens to him in the end.  

The dog Cujo is a scary beast, that much is true. But we must not forget that a wild bat was the one who drove him insane.  

However, it's a different type of agony to see a charming young hound dog go through the same thing as an adult hunting his own friend.  

The Fox and the Hound has a somewhat cheerful conclusion, but the idea makes it a real tearjerker.  

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