Fast and Easy One-Pot Suppers for People on the Go 

Are you trying to find ways to cut down on cooking time and effort since you're so busy and swamped with Christmas preparations? 

Whatever your culinary needs may be, from simple evening fare to a show-stopping feast, you'll find what you're searching for here. 

The ideal one-pot supper for those hectic weeknights, this Sausage Tortellini Skillet Recipe is both filling and delicious. 

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Pasta is the perfect comfort dish since it is both full and enticing. 

We used to eat pasta at least once a week because it is so easy and takes so little time to make. 

Dollar Chicken Casserole is a simple and comforting dish that goes well with rice or egg noodles. 

Like many casseroles, our Million Dollar Chicken Casserole with noodles is great the next day, but it also freezes beautifully for later. So, make sure to double or triple the recipe! 

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