The Most Anxious Attachment Zodiac Signs

Cancer is undoubtedly the most caring and empathetic sign. They always listen, support, and are there for others. Cancers are amazing, and knowing them is to adore them, yet they don't always win. Being so concerned in your loved ones' happiness might lead to persistent worrying.

Virgo would never settle, but striving to perfect an imperfect world and mold everyone around you into an idealized version of themselves is difficult and unachievable. Set off anxiety.

Pisces is emotional like Cancer. Cancer may be the most empathic sign, making them the most worried, but Pisces is the most sensitive, placing them in the top five signs most likely to have an anxious attachment style, according to Astrotalk.

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Another water sign with nervous attachments? You better believe it! Scorpio's compassion, fierce loyalty, and knowing that people aren't always what they claim they are affect their sensitive and profoundly felt emotions, unlike Pisces.

 According to Collective World, Scorpio is the most paranoid zodiac sign and most likely to have a dark past that breeds suspicion. Most of the time feeling and thinking this way leads to uneasy attachment.

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