Excellent Dog Breeds for All 12 Horoscope Signs

A playful labrador retriever suits an ambitious, independent, fiercely competitive Aries. The most popular breed in the U.S., this lively, outgoing breed is laid-back yet needs lots of exercise for physical and mental stimulation. That allows for many fetch and racing competitions. 

Portuguese water dogs make fantastic Aries pets. This breed has the stamina to keep up with a high-energy Ram and is easy to teach. 

Another ideal Aries dog is a Shetland sheepdog (Sheltie). Rams will be kept busy by the Sheltie's keen intelligence, playful attitude, and endless energy. 

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Known for their loyalty, Taureans need a dog that reciprocates. The loving, protective boxer is the perfect match and loyal to the family. 

Another loyal dog breed is the beagle. Beagles, one of the greatest dog breeds for kids, adore company and hunt in packs. Thus, it suits a dynamic Bull-led household.

There are many loyal dog breeds, but the Great Dane is royal. Imposing but gentle, this breed will give the Bull lifelong devotion. 

Curious and lively, Geminis need an emotionally intelligent dog. Smart, affectionate, and lively, the border collie has it all. This breed is easy to train and will take on any challenge. 

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