Do Not Make These Dog Adoption Mistakes

You're ready to apply after browsing online adoption profiles or visiting the shelter and seeing all the pets waiting to be adopted. Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO of the San Diego Humane Society, recommends against rash decisions.

Those huge brown eyes, floppy ears, and shaggy fur are hard to resist, but one common dog adoption error is choosing a dog entirely on appearance. Breed matters too.

Shelters are noisy, cold, and stressed places, and dogs can react in different ways to places they have never been before.

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Shelter and rescue workers spend a lot of time with dogs and can identify their temperaments, training, and exercise needs.

Though quieter and cozier than the shelter, your house is nevertheless alien. Even dogs from comfortable foster homes can be anxious in their new home, which is natural.

When you considered getting a second dog, you anticipated finding the perfect playmate for your first. But bonds require time, so introducing pets too soon is bad.

Curious and lively, Geminis need an emotionally intelligent dog. Smart, affectionate, and lively, the border collie has it all. This breed is easy to train and will take on any challenge. 

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