To Start Your Morning Strong, Add Protein to Oatmeal

A quick, healthful, and flexible morning staple, oatmeal has earned its place. It smells good, tastes fantastic, and starts your day well. I love oatmeal, so this article covers protein-rich ways to improve it. 

Adding protein to your favorite oatmeal recipes makes them more nutritious and filling. These twelve ways to add protein to oatmeal provide a protein boost and explain why.

Adding Protein to Oatmeal A variety of additions can turn oatmeal into a nutrient-rich powerhouse. 

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These twelve delicious protein-boosting ideas will improve your oatmeal: nut butter, milk, or chia seeds

 Mix in Peanut Butter: About 1–2 tablespoons About 8 grams of protein

The creamy texture of peanut butter enhances its taste and gives a protein boost. Healthy fats make it a tasty accompaniment to breakfast oats.

Try adding cottage cheese for 20 grams of protein per cup!

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